1.5 oz Custom Shot Glass – Glass Etched Personalized Shot Glass – Double Sided

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Personalized Double Sided Shot Glass

Product Details

* Personalized Double Sided Glass etched shot glass
* All glass etching is completed the usage of a professional sand carving system, now not your on a regular basis garage sandblaster.
* I never etch glass the usage of chemicals, due to this fact it is possible for you to to “feel” the etch to your glass.
* The semblance of the glass etching will probably be a smooth, milky white, or even finish.


* Height – 2.5 inches
* Diameter (across) – 2 inches on the top
* Ounces – 1.5 

Sorts of Personalization offered

* Names
* Dates
* Phrases
* Some Logos
* Basic clipart or line art style images (Something that will translate well into pure black and white and not using a shading variation, as etching is best clear or white. Shading isn’t imaginable.)
* Coloring isn’t an option if the thing will probably be used for consumption.
* The etchable surface of a shot glass is 1.5 inches. Keep that during mind when opting for the quantity of words or detail in images.

A Little about Candid Nomad

* Candid Nomad makes a speciality of custom glass etched items such as; unique glass vases, beautiful crystal items, custom cat and dog treat jars, custom wine glasses, custom shot glasses, custom beer glasses, pilsner glasses, beer mugs, flasks, decanters, and bottle openers.
* Personalization may be to be had on any existing or new piece.
* Want a personalized wedding gifts, personalized groomsmen gifts, personalized bridesmaids gifts, personalized celebration favors, memorial items, personalized glasses, or barware? Send me your main points, and I’d feel free to work with you!

Have a special event coming up? Be at liberty to contact us about bulk orders.
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