When it comes to a wedding more often than not, the couple would add their personal touch to every aspect of their wedding. The couple would want their wedding to be a very special event and one that is remembered by the guests who attend the wedding. This means that everything has to be just perfect for the wedding. But usually the wedding favor that the guests take back home plays an important role in making sure that this very important day in your life is remembered by the guests. Hence it is much better if there is a personal touch even in the wedding favor that is given to the guests. Unique and original wedding favors would be a perfect wedding favor for a perfect wedding.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to selecting wedding favors and that means you can always customize and personalize your wedding favor. A truly original wedding favor would be for you to donate amounts to a charitable institution and give the certificate of donation with the guests name as a wedding favor. It would be a noble idea and can also encourage the guests to keep contributing. A very personal and original wedding favor would be to give a picture of the couple in an elegant picture frame. If the picture can be signed by the couple, it would add to the personal touch. But ensure that the picture frame is elegant and simple. You can also give a small written note attached to the photo frame with a message to the guests and maybe even a quote.

Another original wedding favor would be to give hand creams and lotions to the guests. If you are planning to have your wedding outdoors then a sunscreen lotion would be great as it can be placed on the tables and can be used by the guests. You can also opt to give the guests a lotion or cream of romantic nature. One way to show to the guests that love is all around. You can also give small wine bottles or miniature drinks that are used in the wedding as a wedding favor. Such wedding favors would be ideal for people who like wine and hence it is more of a customized wedding favor. You can also give your guests small chocolate rolls to give them a taste of your wedding. Miniature designs of the couple wedding cake can also be made and given as a wedding favor. Such wedding favors are based on originality as it is directly connected with the theme of the wedding.

Small souvenirs that are based on the wedding theme can make great wedding favors. As long as the wedding favor has got to do something with the wedding theme, you can be rest assured that it would be original. When a guest receives a wedding favor that is based on the theme of the wedding, they would feel that it is a part of the wedding and that wedding favor would help them to remember your wedding day along with the wedding theme. The use of a wedding favor is to thank the guests for spending their valuable time with you on the most important day of your life. Original wedding favors are personal and customized. This ensures that the guests feel the love and appreciation of the couple through the wedding favor.